Following-Up With Potential Clients

Steps To Following-Up

I will be talking about the importance of following-up.  I have prepared 6 steps that you should use when following up with potential clients.

Following these steps will increase your chances of winning more projects.  The tips outlined in this article will actually make your contacts start to trust you and understand a little more about your company.

These are the steps I use when following-up and you can use them to win more projects.

You would be surprised by how many companies don’t use this process; which automatically puts you at an advantage over your competitors.

Tip #1 – Be Patient

The first step is to be patient.   After you have submitted your bid then the selection process starts.  It may take up to several
days for the owners to select the best candidate for the job.  You need to be patient during the selection process, but at the same time, you don’t want to wait too long to call your contact.

I would suggest that the best time to give your contact a phone call is around 2 – 3 days after you have submitted your proposal.

Contractors will compare your proposal against other proposals that they have received.   Some contractors are just looking for the lowest price; I like to think that all contractors are looking for the most competent company that can complete the job, price is secondary.  That’s why preparing a professional-looking proposal is so important.

Tip # 2 – Follow-up First

Following-up first instantly put your company on the mind of your contact.  To make this a good thing for your company and improve your chances of winning the project you need to be professional,  courteous and patient.

Wait three days, pick up the phone and call your contact.  Don’t be pushy when you are on the phone with your contact.  If you
don’t get them when you call then leave a brief message stating your name, your company name and the job you are calling them about, that’s it!

If you don’t hear from them by the next day they send them an email.  Your email should be brief and to the point.  Let them know that you are contacting them about the project and you are wondering if they have started the selection process.

Tip # 3 – Ask For More Details

When you are on the phone with your contact you need to be courteous and professional.  Don't be pushy and listen to the responses.  The responses will guide you to what questions you should ask next or prepare you for when you call back in a few days too.

But when you do get the chance you should ask your contact the following questions:
- Where are they in the selection process?
- Did they get a good response from contractors?
- Did they receive your proposal?
- Does your proposal meet their standards?
- How does your price compare to your competitors?
- What are the prices of the other firms that submitted a bid?

These are just some of the random questions that I use.  You can and should create your own list of questions that fit your character.
Some companies may be reluctant to share some of this information with you but obtaining this information will give you great feedback that you can use in the future.

Tip # 4 – Be Respectful

As I mentioned earlier you don’t want to be pushy.  You need to understand who you are calling, not everyone will be responsive to your questions and that is all right.  Regardless of what type of responses you get from your contact, you need to be respectful and courteous.

Being respectful shows that you have high business standards and this will play in your favour in the long run.  You may end up sending in more proposals to the same companies in the future so you need
to leave a good impression with your contact.

Tip # 5 – On To The Next One

Now that you have tried to win the project by following-up and you have left a good impression with your contact then it is time to move on to the next project.
Following-up will land you some extra jobs and that is all you want.  Don’t waste all your time on one project.  Business goes on and you need to find the next project that will bring in profits.

Tip # 6 – Keep Track

The key to getting better in winning more projects is keeping track of all your proposals.  You should track how many project proposals you submit and how many you win.  Create a table to track the number of times you follow-up and end up winning the projects.

Following-up allows your contact to remember your name and increases your chances of winning more projects.  By using these tips you will put your company in the number two spot on your contact's mind and put you in the place to take on the number one spot.

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