Five Fatal Estimating Mistakes

Mistakes To Avoid

Being a good Construction Estimator gives you the opportunity to secure a nice job or you can decide to do your own thing and Start-Up a business. Estimating is considered to be a very lucrative and reliable way to earn a decent income.

Being an Estimator is not as easy as it is may seem. Everybody who enters this profession will not be successful in their attempt. Those who are passionate enough, continuously learning and dedicated enough will go far in this profession.

Here we will discuss five major mistakes Estimators make that will have a negative impact on your career, reputation and most importantly, the project cost. The points in this article will help you to avoid some mistakes that others have and still make.

Now, let's take a look at the five fatal mistakes that Construction Estimators make:

1. Failure to read documents
The lovely people who took the time out to prepare those specifications and drawings for the project didn’t do it for fun. Take your time and carefully read the sections of the project documents that you need to generate your cost estimate.

2. Not going for a site visit
You should make it a habit of checking out every single job that you plan to price or delegate the tasks to someone you trust.
You can learn some important things on your drive to the job site like is there any overhead obstacles and if trucks can access the site without difficulty.

3. Errors and Omissions
To be a good Estimator you must pay very close attention to detail. You have to get in the habit of using a checklist to make sure that you have all the items in your estimating spreadsheet.
Errors and Omissions are one of the biggest setbacks in this field. Although it is not possible to cut it completely, you can use some tricks to reduce errors. Using Checklists and Templates can save you time, money and senseless mistakes.

4. Reducing cost to please your customers
Please do not reduce your cost to please customers because when something goes wrong you're going to be the one paying for it. Everybody wants to stay busy and make good money for the job they do, so why would you deliberately underpayment yourself.
Have confidence in your skills as an Estimator and stick to your price. However, it is understandable to give a discount of some sort. Know your cost total and profit margins.

5. Failure to Double-Check Your Estimate before submitting
Even though you used a checklist and templates to prepare your cost estimate you should still check your estimate before you submit it.

You could have hit a button or two before you last saved your estimate and now your totals are off. Who knows what could happen! Just check your estimate one last time before submitting it.

A Construction Estimator should try to avoid the most common, fatal mistakes to become successful in this field. Always try to read the project documents, go for a site visit and use a checklist to avoid Errors and Omissions. It is not good practice to reduce your cost to please customers and remember to double-check before submitting your bid. By avoiding these main mistakes you can be a successful Estimator.

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