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Description Of Course/Purpose

This course is created for the new or seasoned Estimator who is looking for more projects to fill the pipeline.

You may be intimidated by the thought of having to access project documents and Respond To Tenders on a regular basis. Finding and Obtaining Project Documents can be obtained by following some basic tips outlined in this course.

Some of the factors to consider when responding to Requests for Proposals is how to properly respond to the documents. Learning how to Respond To Proposals professionally make your proposal stand out from the crowd. Learning how to do these two things consistently will give you a higher chance of winning more contracts.

Before you submit any proposal you should have a system in place for selecting the right projects and responding to invitations. This E-Book explains the system that I use when responding to invitations.

Name Of Course
9 Steps To Responding To Proposals

9 Weeks

Course Outline
1. Lesson #1
• Learn How To Select The Projects That Are The Right Fit For Your Company Objectives.

2. Lesson #2
• Where To Find Project Leads?

3. Lesson #3
• Review Bid Documents And Decide If You Are Bidding Or Not!

4. Lesson #4
• How To Do A Quantity Take-Off

5. Lesson #5
• Review Your Estimate For Completeness

6. Lesson #6
• How to Prepare And Submit your Proposal.

7. Lesson #7
• 6 Steps To Following-up

8. Lesson #8
• Signing Contracts

9. Lesson #9
• Mobilize Your Workforce