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Get Your Bathroom Remodeled?

Amasis construction is a basement finishing company, we provide complete renovation services which include kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Each bathroom has its own shape and therefore each bathroom remodel will be unique to space. Call us to discuss your options for your project.

Your bathroom includes a variety of elements that help create that unique space for your house.  Bathroom Fixtures such as showers, faucets, and tubs can add a special look to your project.

Amasis Construction is a reputable bathroom remodeling company, with over 15 years of experience in the construction industry. We work with qualified trades, to bring your project to life.  Our plumbers, electricians, and HVAC specialists are trained and experience to provide our customers with a quality finished product.

Bathroom Remodeling Company

As a Bathroom Remodeling Company, we thrive on providing top of the line customer service to all our clients, Contact us to find out more.  Get your free consultation and a quote today!

Our Process

Get building permits.  We work with a registered designer to help provide you with the best possible design for your renovation. Your project may need building permits to meet city requirements.  We will take control of this process for you.  We will provide you with 3 designs for your projects.

Build your project. We are general contractors who will provide you with a full service remodel or renovation.  Our team includes experienced and licensed plumbers, electricians and HVAC specialist to provide you top-notch quality workmanship. Get your Basement finished, your bathroom or kitchen remodel by us, we provide design and build services.

We warranty our work for 10 years. Amasis Construction thrives on providing the best possible service to our customers.  We work with licensed and competent trades to get your project built with high-quality materials and workmanship.