Your selection criteria

Your selection criteria determine the type of projects you focus on winning. These questions will provide you with an outline for your business

finding project leads

This course will show you the best places to look for new project leads and how to use your selection criteria to select the best projects

putting together quotes

Estimating is art and skill and there are tools, templates and resources you can use to consistently produce accurate quotations


Questions to ask yourself before bidding

The questions that you use to create your selection criteria will be the starting point for creating consistent profits. Answering these question will provide your business with a clear target to pursue

best place to find project leads

How do you currently find and land your projects? We will share some of the ways that we use to keep our project pipeline filled with project invitations


How to do a quantity takeoff

Being an estimator is more than just putting together costs on a spreadsheet. You need to learn the skills associated with being a good estimator and producing accurate quotation on a regular basis

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